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Dedicated chauffeur

Dedicated to one or several top executives, the dedicated chauffeur service is a bespoke solution, entirely managed by Chabé, ensuring security, comfort, confidentiality and efficiency. Making the exception the rule, Chabé’s mission is to provide you the same level of service and care day after day, year after year.

A personalised service at every level

For complete satisfaction, this service simply has to be customised. Several candidates will be presented for you to select your master chauffeur whose personality and profile will match your expectations perfectly. You will also choose the vehicle (model, make, options, etc.).

The package is designed around your requirements, from 5 hours of service a day. Your chauffeur obviously works around your schedule so you get the most out of your chosen package. He can also drive for several executives or members of the same family, if so required.

A complete service

Chabé provides a complete managed service. The chauffeur is simply dedicated to your every need and we can provide the service 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. We manage the rest on your behalf including appointing a team of chauffeurs and vehicles to ensure dedicated availability over extended periods.

If you have any additional needs, for example additional board member travel needs or to collect a partner from the airport, Chabé can provide the necessary services.

For your overseas trips, Chabé can find you an executive chauffeur who will provide a similar service on your arrival. We provide services in cities worldwide including London, New York, Hong Kong, Berlin, Milan, Dubai, to name a few, guaranteeing continuity of service from one country to the next.

Chabé offers this dedicated chauffeur service to corporate and private individuals.

…and for company employees

Chabé can provide a shuttle service to facilitate everyday employee journeys. As an add-on to public transport, Chabé can provide a connection between a company’s offices and the nearest metro or train station.