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Roadshows are an essential activity of the finance and banking sector, allowing senior executives to engage with potential and existing investors. They can range from a few days in a single city, to multiple weeks across the different financial centres around the world.
Chabé is proud to provide the essential Ground Transport that enable this activity to take place across the globe. Our highly experienced team of Roadshow advisors, operational staff, service partners and chauffeurs work together to deliver the highest levels of service demanded by this sector.



We have deep Roadshow expertise and service capability. Service is bespoke and flexible to your exact requirements


A Global reach

Our global network is managed through our hubs in London and Paris.

Our partners are carefully selected

Each partner is fully audited to ensure legal and regulatory compliance. Above all our partners are chosen for their consistent track record of delivering the highest standards of service.


An extensive fleet that is driven by highly trained and experienced chauffeurs.
We have protocols in place to manage any logistical challenges that may arise to ensure travelling management stay on schedule.


We make sure communication is timely and effective and measured against a bespoke Service Level Agreement.


As familiar as we are with the range of investor activities we know absolute discretion is paramount.

Duty of care

Passenger security, safety and health is our priority. Our chauffeurs are trained to be security aware and can work with CPOs and other professionals. Driving standards are closely monitored and of course there are strict hygiene procedures in place for passengers.


Chabé is big enough to provide scope, yet focused to provide a personalised service


Chabé has the scale, expertise and experience to support both Deal and Non-Deal engagements, with a commitment to the very highest service standards. We ensure all of the logistics required to connect businesses with finance professionals are delivered seamlessly and with discretion:

  • DEAL ROADSHOWS – Major Financial Events e.g. IPO or M&A activity. When perfect logistics are absolutely essential we will tailor a solution to deliver.
  • CORPORATE BROKERAGE & NON DEAL ROADSHOWS (NDRs) – Investor relations and reporting. A core, regular but essential activity that our team can deliver in partnership with your organisation.
  • ANALYST ACTIVITY – Analyst Roadshows, Analyst Pre-deal Research Support or Pre-Deal Investor Education (PDIE). Extending our world-class experience to the analyst community on behalf of corporate clients.

Experience and Team

An experienced and expert team of Roadshow specialists here to serve you


Our industry leading team is comprised of specialists with many years of experience. We will manage your activity from our London and Paris hubs, delivering your services across the world.

We know the importance of every Roadshow and how critical service delivery is to the reputation of the co-ordinator and their organisation. We want our team to be an extension of yours; understanding your needs, aware of risk and focused on exceptional service delivery.


A key enabler to deliver unique Roadshow service requirements


Itinerary review and version control are at the core of our systems. We want to give you the confidence we have the latest schedule at all stages. We can tailor our system to provide updates and the key milestones in a Roadshow’s lifecycle.

Local call forwarding numbers are an option to complement the provision of actual chauffeur details.

Our technology developments complement our team’s capabilities to assist you.

Our service allows Roadshow organisers to monitor logistics in real time and receive bespoke status updates.

Itemised, granular billing and reporting is available in standard or bespoke formats to enable rapid reconciliation of costs.

Supporting stakeholders

We understand all the of the stakeholder touch points when providing services


We know that there are multiple stakeholders in every Roadshow, it is not only the passenger in the car. Stakeholders can include the booker, the travelling banker, CPO and event project manager. We want to provide the right information at the right time for each party in the desired format.

Roadshow Team


Need information about the team in UK and Paris. Discover the interview of Daniel Stener 

If you want more information about the roadshow service, please fill in the contact form below or contact Daniel by email daniel.stener@chabe.co.uk

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