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Chabé’s CSR approach

29 September 2020
Chabé’s CSR approach


Sustainable development issues and ecological awareness are at the heart of strategic thinking in today’s businesses. Thus, after initiating a voluntary approach to Corporate Social Responsibility last year, Chabé has decided to accelerate its implementation in 2020, with environmental protection and sustainable employment as priorities.

Our clients are increasingly aware of their suppliers’ commitment to CSR. As a major actor in bespoke mobility, we have an important role to play in reducing our carbon emissions and waste. Dematerialisation projects, the transition to electric vehicles and eco-driving training are all initiatives that will have a positive impact on our planet, but also on the client experience and confirm our willingness to act.” Leslie Moica, Sales and Marketing Director.

Carbon offsetting

As we replace the fleet we will do so only with the most efficient and lowest emission vehicles and fully electric vehicles when available. Chabé has committed to offset with the Good Planet foundation all the carbon emissions linked to the provision of its services.

Eco-driving and waste management

All our chauffeurs are trained in eco-driving by our in-house training school.

All of our teams implement the recycling of consumables wherever possible (ink cartridges, water for washing cars, water bottles, etc.).

New water bottles have been introduced by Evian which are made from entirely recyclable material and are again 100% recyclable after use.
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Dedicated bins for masks, wipes and gloves have been installed to prevent this health and environmental risk.

Going paper-free

The order process is now entirely paperless (from when the order is taken from customers to the instructions sent to chauffeurs on their smartphone). We have also moved to 100% e-learning and removed paper materials from all training activities.
Please also read our exciting new innovation on the launch of our digital newspaper service on your device when travelling with us.

Sustainable employment

We promote the long-term employment of professional chauffeurs. More than 75% of Chabé’s full-time chauffeurs are permanent employess. The chauffeurs are paid significantly above the legislative minimum.