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Sustainable innovation at Chabé: plant-based bottles

5 July 2023
Sustainable innovation at Chabé: plant-based bottles

As part of its CSR approach and as an extension of its personalised customer experience, Chabé is replacing the water bottles provided to its passengers with new bottles of plant-based origin.

In 2020, the Group changed its bottles for new Evian bottles without labels. These 40cl bottles were made entirely from recycled materials and were 100% recyclable.
Distributed for the out-of-home consumption channel only, Evian paved the way for new, more sustainable containers.

Today, Chabé is renewing its ecological approach by adopting new plant-based bottles to reduce its carbon footprint.

Bouteille eau Chabé Drop by Drop

These new bottles, manufactured by Drop by Drop, are made from FSC®-certified cardboard sourced from responsibly managed forests, guaranteeing an environmentally-friendly approach. The aluminium used in these bottles is also ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative) certified, and its thin layer, eight times thinner than a human hair, preserves the quality of the water without the risk of contamination by microplastics or cardboard taste.

At Chabé, we understand the importance of a customisable customer experience and the impact of visual personalisation. In harmony with our ecological approach, we offer the possibility of personalising these water bottles with the colours of your establishment, your brand or your event. Whether you’re a luxury hotel, an event organiser or a concierge service, you can now associate your visual identity with an environmentally-friendly water bottle solution.

By choosing our plant-based water bottles, you’re demonstrating your commitment to sustainability while offering your clients a personalised experience. Every aspect of this bottle, from the Bonsucro-certified sugarcane caps to the packaging that respects key production indicators, demonstrates our commitment to supporting eco-responsible practices.

Chabé’s move to adopt these plant-based bottles and offer customisation tailored to your needs illustrates our commitment to sustainable innovation and our desire to reduce our carbon footprint.

Together, let’s make every sip of water an opportunity to promote your brand and contribute to a more environmentally friendly future.