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Eco-responsible fleet: Chabé commits to new vehicles

5 July 2023
Eco-responsible fleet: Chabé commits to new vehicles

Reducing our carbon footprint is a necessity. Chabé is committed to an accelerated transition of its vehicle fleet, adopting less polluting models as they become available. Three new low-carbon models have recently joined the Chabé fleet.

We’re finding that more and more clients want to travel by environmentally-friendly means,” explained Guillaume Connan, the Group’s Chairman, in an interview in 2022. The numerous journeys made by Chabé customers are a powerful lever for reducing CO2 emissions.

As part of its commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Chabé is continuing to expand its fleet of low-carbon vehicles. Initiating the transition to a greener fleet by rolling out the electrification of its vehicle fleet has therefore become a priority. That’s why, for several months now, Chabé has been upgrading its vehicles, welcoming the new low-carbon BMW i7, Mercedes EQE and Range Rover P440e.

Chabé flotte écoresponsable BMWi7At the end of 2022, the BMW i7 will join Chabé’s prestige fleet. This all-electric vehicle is powered by an xDrive60 engine. Digital innovation, engineering, aesthetics, comfort and agility are the strengths of this new luxury model. The multi-option version received by Chabé also incorporates a rear screen that offers passengers unrivalled comfort and pleasure on long journeys, thanks to heated and massaging seats.



As part of this drive for a greener fleet, the EQE is the latest 100% electric vehicle to join Chabé. It stands out for its environmental performance and its rethought design. The exterior features high-performance LED headlights and 5-double-spoke alloy wheels, while the interior is equipped with a wireless charging system that makes it easy to charge passengers’ phones. At the rear, the black leather seats are equipped with a heating function and the space benefits from a panoramic sunroof, essential for creating a bright atmosphere.


Range Rover P440e

Finally, in May 2023, Chabé is proud to welcome a new low-carbon vehicle: the Range Rover P440e. Equipped with an A-rated hybrid engine, this luxury car embodies the very essence of a resolute commitment to an eco-responsible fleet. Its sleek, minimalist design gives it a modern, uncluttered look. The interior of the Range Rover is just as carefully thought out and crafted. The space at the rear offers freedom of movement, a plus for working comfortably on your computer, particularly during roadshows or business trips with a private chauffeur. Passengers will also have full control over the entertainment functions of the rear multimedia system. Last but not least, don’t underestimate the importance of light. The panoramic roof helps to create a light, airy and pleasant atmosphere inside the vehicle.

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The addition of these three low-carbon vehicles reinforces Chabé’s commitment to CSR. Today, in addition to a young fleet, with an average age of 18 months, low-carbon vehicles (electric, hybrid and hydrogen) represent 52% of the Group’s total fleet.
Chabé understands the stakes behind every journey and is committed to developing a more eco-responsible fleet.