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Every event is unique. Its scope, size, objectives, challenges and identity make it a singular occurrence, for its organisers and for Chabé.

An extraordinary experience

International summits, official meetings, sport competitions, prestigious trade shows and luxury events generate hundreds of chauffeur-driven journeys.

The office’s expertise in complex and multiple travel arrangements has been recognised for years, in France and around the world. Over the last few years, this was demonstrated at Euro 2016, the G7 summit in Biarritz in 2019, the Paris Air Show and Paris Fashion Week.

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Coordination and customisation

For every event, Chabé does the necessary upstream planning, due diligence and project scoping. We will build a dedicated coordination team, train the chauffeurs on the event requirements and appoint a dedicated point of contact. The Chabé dedicated point of contact will always be available and can accommodate and integrate last-minute changes into the event schedule.

To ensure consistency between the event and the travel service provided, Chabé can adapt the chauffeurs’ uniforms and personalise the vehicles in the colours of the summit, trade show, sport event, fashion show, etc.

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Aware of the urgent nature of every stage at an event, for speakers, guests and the press in particular, our teams do everything possible to ensure the schedule is respected down to the last second.

Punctuality is also essential for financial roadshows. With many appointments in different locations per day, there is no time to waste. The experience of our chauffeurs in this field and the tools available to them, guarantee a smooth and punctual service that compliments the importance of these business roadshows.

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