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Established in October 2020, ideally situated to serve London and the home counties, Chabé London offers a complete range of bespoke chauffeured services that can be adapted to your exact requirements. Our services include airport transfers, events, financial roadshows and dedicated chauffeur services.


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Chabé is proud to provide the essential ground transport that enable Financial Roadshows and other Investor activity to take place across the globe. Its financial roadshow services can be arranged in cities around the world wherever your senior executives feel they want to talk with current or potential investors. We understand the roadshow market well and can provide services that range from two or three days in one country through to marathon multi-week trips, to the financial centres around the world.

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Chabé is expert in providing multiple services for high touch event programmes for a range of leading clients. This can include event activity for new product launches, fashion shows, corporate events activities, sporting/entertainment hospitality, air shows and the list goes on. Chabé’s event specialists can assist when these services require a bespoke approach, special handling, manifest control or simply a significant volume of chauffeurs and cars for a specific period.

Chabé have the capability to provide event solutions around the world and will curate the service exactly to your requirements, ensuring your guests are delighted by the event experience.

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Dedicated Chauffeur

Our dedicated chauffeur service is a bespoke solution, entirely managed by Chabé on your behalf, ensuring security, confidentiality and efficiency in leading luxury vehicles.

To ensure complete satisfaction we will present a choice of chauffeurs and vehicles for your selection. You can select a chauffeur whose personality and profile match your requirements exactly. We will also provide options around the vehicle that you may require including make, model and options to ensure you are in optimum comfort. We strive to ensure we provide the same level of service and care day after day, year after year, which is why our dedicated services are a popular alternative to an in-house employed chauffeur model.

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Key sector

Luxury Hospitality

Chabé has been servicing luxury hotels for over a century since 1921.

Every luxury hotel we serve is unique.  We work with the concierge and management teams to understand the specific needs of their guests and then tailor our services to match.

Our bespoke hotel technology set enhances the guest experience and improves operational efficiency for concierge and management teams.

In London we serve 9 luxury properties and over 60 across the Group.


Discover our entire fleet

Chabé David Bruce

London Team

David Bruce, Director

David Bruce manages a growing team of experts from the chauffeur industry. They are always on hand to answer your requests and manage your transport requirements. Using their extensive knowledge they will ensure you enjoy a flawless experience every time.

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