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Range Rover P440e: Chabé took another step towards sustainability and state-of-the-art comfort

27 June 2023
Range Rover P440e: Chabé took another step towards sustainability and state-of-the-art comfort

Chabé is proud to welcome a new vehicle to its prestigious fleet: the Range Rover P440e. Equipped with a hybrid engine, this luxury car embodies the essence of a resolute commitment to an eco-responsible fleet. Its refined, contemporary design only sublimates its status.

With the arrival of the Range Rover P440e, the Group is once again demonstrating the quality of its luxury service by selecting ever more prestigious vehicles.


First, the elegance.

Its sleek and refined design gives it a modern, uncluttered allure. The extended rear, emblematic of Land Rover vehicles, adds that much sought-after touch of elegance. The interior of the Range Rover is just as carefully thought out and crafted. The details aesthetic is reflected in the choice of materials used and the finishes added. The seats, covered in 2 types of leather fabric, provide softness and comfort, ideal for your longest travel. The fine woodwork, true to the identity of Range Rovers, adds character to this exceptional vehicle.


Range Rover P440e




Indeed, Chabé focuses on the elegance of a vehicle, but also attaches paramount importance to the comfort of its passengers.

The space at the rear provides freedom of movement, a plus to work comfortably on your computer, particularly during roadshows or business transportation with a private chauffeur. You’ll also be able to control the entertainment functions of the rear multimedia system thanks to the 8-inch touch-screen control located in the armrest. Finaly, don’t underestimate the importance of luminosity. The panoramic roof helps to create a luminous, airy and pleasant atmosphere inside the vehicle. Natural light brings a more open and spacious ambience.


Range Rover P440e Meridian System


The family business understands the issue behind every journey. Move around with complete peace of mind, this is Chabé’s chauffeur mission. That moment of pause, of calm, is a key detail of the Range Rover P440e. As if in a bubble, the silence will lull your most agitated thoughts. With its 18 front, side and rear loudspeakers, the Meridian Surround audio system, in partnership with Land Rover, delivers a full, clear sound worthy of a concert hall.

In addition to its exceptional comfort, which makes it an ideal choice for long journeys, the arrival of this vehicle is perfectly aligned with the electrification objectives of the Chabé’s fleet.


The Range Rover is equipped with a battery offering a recharging capacity until 50 kilowatts, providing it to be recharged up to 80% in less than an hour. This low-carbon vehicle will drive you to your destination electrically, to limit CO2 emissions. For longer journeys, its technology combining petrol and electricity will ensure that emissions are reduced.

Energy A label, hybrid engine, the Range Rover P440e confirms Chabé’s commitment to a greener fleet, more environmentally-friendly.


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