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Chabé enhances passenger experience with personalized playlists on Spotify

20 June 2023
Chabé enhances passenger experience with personalized playlists on Spotify

In the run-up to the “Fête de la Musique” on June 21, Chabé, the bespoke mobility expert, is delighted to announce the creation of Spotify playlists for its passengers. The aim of this initiative is to enhance the travel experience by offering a selection of personalized playlists based on each passenger’s musical preferences.
Whether you’re a fan of jazz, pop, classical music or other genres, or simply want to listen to a specific radio station, Chabé has thought of everything to accompany you on your car journeys with our private chauffeurs.

A bespoke musical experience

At Chabé, we understand the importance of music in creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere during car journeys. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create specific playlists to suit the diverse musical tastes of our passengers.

For jazz fans, we’ve carefully selected a playlist of the genre’s greatest classics, from legends such as Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis. Let yourself be carried away by the sophisticated melodies and driving rhythms of this timeless music.

If you’re a fan of disco music, our dedicated playlist will transport you back to the groovy era of the 70s. Immerse yourself in the driving rhythms, funky bass lines and catchy melodies that marked this iconic era. Let the infectious energy of disco sweep you away in Chabé’s vehicles.

For those seeking a more classical ambience, our classical music playlist will introduce you to the works of great composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. Let yourself be enchanted by the timeless beauty of these pieces and enjoy a serene, soothing journey.

In addition to playlists, Chabé also offers a selection of radio stations for those who want to keep up with the news.

Chabé is proud to offer our passengers an exceptional travel experience by combining the comfort of our luxury vehicles with a carefully chosen selection of music. Whether you opt for our personalized Spotify playlists or prefer to explore radio stations, we’ve thought of everything to make your journeys even more enjoyable. Book your next journey with Chabé now and enjoy an unforgettable travel experience, accompanied by your favorite music.