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6 March 2022


On the occasion of the 24th edition of Art Paris and its strong commitment to the environment, Chabé will offer participants a 100% electric transport


As a partner of Art Paris for over six years, Chabé has taken a voluntary and ambitious approach to CSR and, through this partnership, is asserting itself as a responsible player in the transport sector. The transition of its fleet to low-emission vehicles is one of the major axes of its approach.

Founded in 1921 by Maurice Chabé, the family business has seen 4 successive generations with the same ambition: with the same aim of providing a high-quality service for influential clients.

His great-grandson and current CEO, Guillaume Connan has inherited a culture of personal service with a high level of quality, but he adds, “When you’re 100 years old, you look back, but you also look to the future!
Such longevity can be explained by a permanent questioning of the evolution of services according to the needs of the customers.


A more demanding customer base in terms of its ecological footprint


We are observing that more and more customers want to travel by environmentally friendly transport“, adds Guillaume Connan.
To meet this growing demand, the Group was one of the very first French companies to receive the EQV (100% electric Mercedes-Benz van). “We have a very strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) because we are a sustainable luxury brand” says Guillaume Connan.

The family business is conscious that the biggest positive impact on the environment can be achieved with the transition of its fleet of vehicles to less polluting models as they become available on the market.
In addition to the EQVs, the Group received the first plug-in hybrid S Class at the end of 2021 and is committed to renewing the entire S-Class fleet by the end of the first quarter of 2022.
Finally, the company will integrate the new Mercedes EQE, 100% electric sedans, as soon as they become available.

On this day, green vehicles (electric and hybrid) represent 27% of Chabé’s fleet. The three models being electrified by 2022 represent more than 50% of the current fleet.


A responsible commitment beyond electric vehicles


Aware of the necessity to act as of now, Chabé has decided to offset all the carbon emission linked to its transportation services while waiting for the transition to be completed. Data collection has started since October 2020, thanks to the fleet management tool: Masternaut.

A partnership was signed early 2021 with the GoodPlanet Foundation – a recognised public interest foundation aiming to encourage people to take concrete action for the Earth and its inhabitants – to offset its emissions.

Chabé’s commitment goes beyond operating low and soon zero emission vehicles. It includes changing the way we operate and adopting best practices to reduce our overall footprint.
It also is about treating employees well, with sustainable and fairly paid jobs and ensuring clients’ safety and overall satisfaction.

Because a company cannot simply grow without considering the consequences of its acts in the society, it must reinvent itself. The CSR approach leads Chabé to question itself about its activities, its acts, and aims at developing a progressive strategy for its associates, its suppliers, and the environment of the society that surrounds it.

“I believe CSR in not a constraint, but rather an opportunity” conclude Guillaume Connan.