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A new offering: Bespoke Delivery services

15 March 2021
A new offering: Bespoke Delivery services

The pandemic has turned our consumption habits upside down and with the health restrictions imposed – lockdown, curfews – distance sales are unsurprisingly on the rise. The luxury goods sector is no exception: remote advice, digital fashion week, video presentations, online sales… as customer relations become more digital, Chabé has decided to launch a new bespoke delivery service in France, in Switzerland and in the UK. Vincent Grenard, Sales Director for the Luxury Division at Chabé, tells us about this new service offer: Bespoke Delivery.

How did you come up with the idea of launching a bespoke delivery service?

When the second lockdown was announced, our luxury customers had to rethink how they sell, switching to distance selling for the most part. While the brands do everything possible to maintain the link with their customers, the traditional delivery methods seemed to be out of step with the rest of their customer experience. This is why we came up with the idea of offering a bespoke transport service, in line with the brands’ image.

And then, we also thought about all the luxury collection launches – fashion, jewellery, haute couture – which are now delivered digitally. We asked ourselves how we could help brands serve their customers during a virtual event. If customers can no longer travel to the event venue, why not deliver a meal, cocktail or a gift to be enjoyed while watching the show from their living room?

How does Chabé’s bespoke delivery service help brands to differentiate their customer experience?

The service we offer through our Bespoke Delivery service differs in two main ways: personalization and customer experience.

In contrast to the solutions that exist on the market today, our offer is based on a fully customisable service. It starts with a delivery by appointment: we do not deliver an item in a prescribed time slot, but rather at a specific time chosen by the customer. We apply our operational expertise from our passenger service to the bespoke deliver service ensuring consistent punctuality 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Items are handled with the utmost care from the boutique shop or warehouse to the customer’s door. Items can be packed as they would be if bought directly from the shop. They can be handed over to customers with personalised attention or messages.

Our chauffeurs are true ambassadors of the brand: impeccably dressed, always acting with discretion and experienced serving the most discerning clientele.

And when the brand wishes to add an extra touch of attention, it can send one of its representatives with the chauffeur to deliver the present in person.

Who is this service for?

We designed it to meet the needs of luxury houses, whether they are boutiques, event teams or customer experience managers, looking for new ideas to build customer loyalty, differentiate themselves from the competition and offer innovative services.

But this service could also meet the needs of luxury concierges, for example, or event agencies.

What is the feedback so far?

Our clients have shown a lot of interest in a service that they often had not thought of or identified as a possible differentiating factor. We recently implemented this service for a luxury brand, which was organising a virtual event for its most important clients and wanted to deliver a packed lunch to enhance their evening. The feedback was very positive!
We hope to roll out this offer in Europe very soon.