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BMW i7 chauffeur feedback

4 April 2023
BMW i7 chauffeur feedback



3 questions to Paul and Alphonse, Chauffeurs at Chabé London.


Three month ago, Chabé expanded its low carbon fleet with brand-new, luxury all-electric BMW i7. The Group was the first chauffeur operator to receive the car in the UK. The Group has now ordered 30 vehicles across the Group, and over the past three months the car has been presented to customers in Paris, London and Monaco.

We asked two of our UK chauffeur team for the first round of feedback. Discover their testimonial below.


Paul Bhamra and Alphonse Kablan


  • What were your initial impressions of the new BMW i7?

Alphonse : It looks amazing, people have stopped me on the street to check over the vehicle. The ride is exceptionally smooth. Luggage space is great.

It is so easy but still engaging to drive in the different modes.

Paul : Fantastic ride quality, comfort for passengers and chauffeurs… it has real road presence with the front lights in the BMW famous grill shape.

With the overall range, charging is not causing any issues when our day is planned well.




  • According to you, what are the main benefits from a passenger perspective?

Alphonse : Passenger comfort is amazing and they are all surprised that it’s a fully electric car. The passenger focused technology allows personal involvement with the car even on short journeys – music, temperature, seat position – its quick and easy to operate from the back of the car.

Paul : The ability to interact with the car, including being able to mirror your phone to the digital screen, overall connectivity and seating comfort – are all aspects that receive great feedback for both corporate and hotel guests.

All passengers have mentioned zero emissions and are surprised by the battery range of the vehicle.

In addition, the many passengers comment on how amazingly smooth the ride is.


  • If you could sum up your driving experience in 3 words, what would they be?

Alphonse : A great car!

Paul : A game changer!