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30 June 2021



2021 is the Centenary for the family business. This is the occasion to make you discover throughout the year the history of Chabé, from its beginnings to nowadays.




In 1929, Maurice Chabé witnessed the creation of the Clefs d’Or, the professional association of hotel concierges.
Chabé’s commitment has never stopped since.

On the occasion of Chabé’s 100th anniversary, Dimitri Ruiz, President of Les Clefs d’Or, tells us more about the professional association, but also about the Conci-erge profession and the relationship with Chabé for over 90 years.



This centenary is also an opportunity to (re)discover the history of the Clefs d’Or association:

“In 1929, Pierre Quentin, concierge at the Ambassador Hotel in Paris, decided to create an association of men working in the same profession: “Concierges d’Hôtels”, then called “Portiers des Grands Hôtels”.

The aim of this association was to unite the doormen of France in order to facilitate their relations and communication, but also to reflect on working techniques and to develop the profession. In France, the association took the name of Les Clefs d’Or France.

The Association experienced significant growth until the Second World War. After being dormant, it was revived after the liberation, under the impetus of Ferdinand Gillet, and developed throughout Europe.

In 1952 a European Union U.E P.G.H., grouping 9 sections, was created.

In 1970, with the admission of Israel as the 16th section, an international association was created: U.I.P.G.H., which was later renamed the International Union of Hotel Concierges (U.I.C.H), and now has 43 sections and more than 3,600 members throughout the world. Its growth continued from then on and many countries worked to join the association.

In 2009, the Association Les Clefs d’Or France celebrated its 80th anniversary. It now has nearly 400 members in France and over 4,000 members worldwide.”

To find out more, visit the association’s website: www.clefsdor-france.org/presentation