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21 September 2021



2021 is the Centenary for the family business. This is the occasion to make you discover throughout the year the history of Chabé, from its beginnings to nowadays.




Since its creation in 1921, Chabé has never stopped growing.
Here is a look at the group’s geographical expansion over the years.

It was only 56 years after its beginnings in Paris that Chabé, then known as Chabé Verjat, began its expansion with the opening of a first agency in Cannes in 1997.
The following year, a new office was opened in the City of Lights (Lyon). In 2005, Chabé decided to set up its third branch in the south-west, in Toulouse.

From 2011 onwards, Chabé’s geographical development accelerated with the opening of 6 new offices in France: Biarritz, Bordeaux and Marseille (2011), Courchevel (2012), Megève (2017) and Saint-Tropez (2020).
At the same time, the acquisition of a Swiss company in 2012 and the opening of an office in Monaco in 2019 marked the group’s international debut.

In 2020, the opening of a new office in London boosted Chabé’s presence in Europe and marked a new stage in its international development. Chabé is now present in 13 cities in Europe and offers its services in 100 countries.