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Chabé trains its chauffeurs for a historic event

28 June 2024
Chabé trains its chauffeurs for a historic event

In anticipation of a unique international event in 2024, Chabé has, for several months, been implementing a program aimed at recruiting and training 108 individuals who are distant from the job market, thereby preparing them for the profession of chauffeur.


Complete training

Our training program covers various essential aspects to ensure high-quality service during this event:

  • Background: Presentation of the event, topography of the city of Paris and preferred routes.
  • Discovering the Group: Chabé’s history and values
  • Client experience: Reception techniques, interaction with clients and grooming.
  • Eco-driving: Training in safe and environmentally-friendly driving practices.

At the end of the programme, each participant receives a diploma attesting to their skills, opening up priority recruitment opportunities for future events.


A dedicated team & a professional commitment

This adventure is made possible by the commitment of the Pôle Chauffeurs Événementiel Sportif (PCES) team.

By committing to this programme, Chabé is once again demonstrating its commitment to inclusion, while helping to organise this historic event in 2024.