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Dedicated chauffeur: a service reinvented by Chabé to meet the demands of today’s executives

2 March 2024
Dedicated chauffeur: a service reinvented by Chabé to meet the demands of today’s executives

In the hectic lives of executives and CEOs, every minute counts. With this in mind, Chabé, your trusted partner in bespoke transport since 1921, has developed its Dedicated Chauffeur service. Better known as “Executive Chauffeur”, Chabé has reinvented this profession and service to meet the demands of today’s world, while continuing to offer an unrivalled transport experience.

An old profession that has evolved

The Dedicated Chauffeur profession, the heritage of a long tradition, has evolved to meet the changing needs of our clients. At Chabé, we’re proud to preserve this tradition while reinventing it to meet contemporary demands. In a world where time has become precious, even a luxury, our clients are looking for more than just a chauffeur. They want a trusted partner who can adapt to their hectic pace, their business imperatives, and their environmental concerns. That’s where our dedicated chauffeur service comes in. Drawing on our experience since 1921, we have anticipated these changes by transforming traditional transport into a complete experience, combining the luxury of our vehicles with the punctuality and discretion of our chauffeurs. We have integrated electric vehicles for a more sustainable future, and invested in training our chauffeurs to guarantee both eco-driving and confidentiality. So, by reinventing the Executive Chauffeur to meet new needs, Chabé proves its commitment to excellence and innovation, while honoring its traditions.

Our dedicated, professional chauffeurs offer an exclusive experience and unrivalled reliability.

service-chauffeur-dedie-chabeOur dedicated chauffeurs are more than just drivers, they’re true partners you can trust. Punctuality, flexibility, discretion and respect for confidentiality are at the heart of their profession. Each Chabé chauffeur is dedicated to a single person, guaranteeing a relationship of trust and perfect knowledge of our clients’ preferences and needs. At Chabé, we understand that every business trip needs a personal touch. Our executive chauffeurs are discreet and reliable partners who accompany you on your daily journey, whether it’s for a crucial meeting, a business appointment or even a moment of relaxation between two trips. Punctuality is the cornerstone of our dedicated chauffeur service. We’re committed to respecting your busy schedule, ensuring you arrive at your destination on time, every time. Our advanced tracking system and experienced chauffeurs combine to give you total peace of mind. With Chabé, delays aren’t part of the equation.

What’s more, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority. Every detail counts, and it’s this attention to detail that has made Chabé the preferred choice of discerning professionals.

Fleet of luxury vehicles

For our discerning clients, we offer a fleet of luxury sedans, guaranteeing incomparable comfort and style. What’s more, for those concerned about reducing their environmental footprint, we also offer 100% electric vehicles, providing a luxurious travel experience while preserving the planet.

In addition, as part of their contract, our clients benefit from a short-term vehicle rental service to meet their temporary needs. Whether they need a minivan to welcome foreign collaborators, a superior range of vehicles for a weekend or a combustion or hybrid vehicle to replace their electric car for a long trip, Chabé is at their disposal to ensure that their requirements are met on time.

Maximum productivity

Our dedicated chauffeurs don’t just drive, they give you the ultimate luxury of free time. No more hours spent in traffic jams or looking for a parking space. Our passengers sit comfortably in the back of our vehicles, free to work in peace, prepare for important meetings or make business calls without being disturbed. Chabé turns every journey into a productivity opportunity.

Simplified incident management

Outsourcing your Chauffeur Dédié service frees you from the worries of managing the unexpected. Whether your regular chauffeur is ill or your vehicle breaks down, Chabé has thought of everything. We have a team of replacement chauffeurs ready to step in at any time, and our fleet of over 250 vehicles is ready to meet your needs. What’s more, we take care of administrative and human resources management, so you can concentrate fully on your business priorities.

alexis-decousu-responsable-commercial-chabeA bespoke service created with our advisors and clients

Alexis Decousu, Sales Manager at Chabé: “To ensure complete satisfaction, this service can only be bespoke. Following the client’s request, we get in touch with them and discuss their needs, so that together we can create a unique, personalized offer. The client defines the ideal profile of his future chauffeur, and we present him with several candidates meeting his criteria. He also has the privilege of choosing the vehicle that suits him best, by selecting the manufacturer, model and options.”


By choosing Chabé’s Dedicated Chauffeur service, executives and CEOs ensure not only a reliable, quality means of transportation, but also a complete experience, where every detail is carefully taken care of. We understand your business issues and are committed to providing a service that meets your highest expectations.

To find out more about our Dedicated Chauffeur service and how we can meet your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. At Chabé, we’ve been with you every step of the way since 1921.