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Digital, international, CSR : welcome to 2023

8 February 2023
Digital, international, CSR : welcome to 2023


INTERVIEW – Guillaume Connan


Digital, international, CSR : Guillaume Connan, CEO of Chabé, looks back on the highlights of 2022 and the Group’s prospects for 2023.



  • If you had to sum up 2022 in one word, what would it be and why would you choose it?


Renewal is the first word which comes to my mind. First, we’ve just ended a period of 2 tough years during which our customers couldn’t travel as they wished. This led to great frustration, and they made up for lost time in 2022. We witnessed a tremendous liberation. Our customers wanted to travel again, even more than before. However, they paid more attention to travel quality and security, and it has clearly benefited us. We experienced record demand for our services wherever we operate.


Renewal again: in 2022, Chabé benefited from initiatives that we had prepared during previous years. Firstly, we focused on our international development, with brand-new foreign subsidiaries and our network expansion. Secondly, we developed our digital strategy, with the implementation of tools aimed to further improve the customer journey. Finally, we continued working on our CSR approach. We have achieved key milestones. For example, our vehicle fleet has been predominantly low carbon since the end of 2022.


  • What were the key successes of the Group in 2022?


Our international development was undoubtedly the greatest success. One year after its opening, Chabé Ltd (our UK subsidiary) has become one of the top local operators and is already recognized as the one offering the best quality of service.


Our affiliate network is now operational in 100 countries and skyrocketed in 2022, with increasing number of key customers using the service to meet their transportation needs wherever they go. Finally, we demonstrated our ability to manage large-scale events everywhere in the world, with a busy line-up that we had never experienced before.


  • What are the company’s ambitions for 2023?


We will carry on developing abroad, with new subsidiaries opening, while strengthening our network and our international events team. We will also develop new digital tools, and we would like to accelerate our CSR commitment.


This is in line with the strategy deployed for three years now. We will also innovate in the customer experience field, with even higher quality of service as our final goal. We are experts in bespoke mobility, and we aspire to assert ourselves as a responsible luxury brand.