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Chabé, the expert for your racquet sports competitions

15 November 2023
Chabé, the expert for your racquet sports competitions

Chabé, the bespoke expert in event transport, continues to establish itself as a major player in the world of racquet sports. Chabé once again demonstrated its ability to manage highly sought-after sporting events at several major international competitions held in Paris between May and November this year.


Organising these 3 tournaments is a real challenge, requiring meticulous preparation several months in advance. In fact, over 7 months of organisation were needed to put on these major events, to accompany over 56,000 people through almost 27,000 disposal services.

On average…

Our teams were on the ground for 31 consecutive days, 7 days a week, ready to meet the needs of the sportsmen and women and the organisers…

Nearly than 140 chauffeurs were mobilised to guarantee a quality service for these 3 events

More than 90 partner vehicles, 74% of them low-carbon vehicles

A 20-strong team of experts at each tournament was dedicated to the overall coordination of the event.

These figures reflect the team spirit that drives Chabé, one of our core values, and consolidate our position as an expert in event transport. We are proud to support competitions of this scale and to contribute to their success.


At Chabé, our expertise in event transport goes hand in hand with our commitment to environmental responsibility. We are delighted to support environmentally conscious events and to contribute to the success of these internationally renowned competitions while working towards a greener future.