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Chabé’s international event expertise

7 July 2022
Chabé’s international event expertise


Chabé is an increasingly key player in the field of event transport.


In the last two months, our teams of experts dedicated to the management of Chabé’s event transportation have handled a dozen major events in 8 countries (France, United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Morocco, Monaco, Switzerland), particularly in the field of sports and luxury.

Chabé’s expertise in event transport has been proven more than once, particularly during events in France in the field of sport, luxury and institutional events, but its know-how has also crossed borders, testing out the composure and team spirit of our teams.

For each event, a project team, consisting of a project manager, experienced plan-ners, dispatchers and coordinators, deploys its know-how to manage the transport of events that are often out of the ordinary and can involve up to 300 chauffeurs.

Prior to the events and for each client, a team of experts is dedicated to managing the transport of events.
After an analysis of needs, location scouting is carried out in order to propose the best itinerary between the departure and arrival of the passengers.

On site, the teams recruit, select, train, supervise and coordinate, in complete dis-cretion, to ensure that the transport experience matches the events imagined by our clients.
In addition, a team is dedicated to the IT and admin support for the event, available 24/7.


Whether it is an event with just a few cars or a large-scale event, everything is de-signed and deployed so that the transport is integrated as naturally as possible into what comes before or after.