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International events : a look back on Chabe’s incredible world tour in 2022

31 January 2023
International events : a look back on Chabe’s incredible world tour in 2022

Let’s look back together on 2022.

As an expert in bespoke journeys, Chabé continued its overseas development. We put our know-how and expertise to work during complex events in the luxury, fashion, sports, jewelry and banking industries.

Chabé was chosen to provide personalised service to meet the highest transportation expectations at 14 prestigious events held in eleven countries.

From Morocco to Japan, as well as to the United States, Egypt and Dubai, Chabé continued to support its customers all over the world, covering four out of five continents. For each project, Chabé provided a dedicated team of private chauffeurs and operational managers.

As an example, in June and July 2022, Chabé set off for Africa to serve one of the most prestigious French luxury houses. The Group took care of a series of premium trips for a specific event in Morocco which gathered people from all over the world. They came to attend an unprecedented presentation of a hundred pieces from a prestigious high jewelry collection. Around 200 chauffeurs too part.

Other outstanding events took place last year in unusual and exceptional places.

For instance, last May and October, Chabé served two major customers’ events in the United States. Each event lasted a week and attracted luxury customers who came to see the brand-new haute couture and high jewelry collections for the coming season.

Two big events in the haute couture industry took place in Egypt and Japan at the end of the year, and Chabé was chosen for  both events. One of them took place early December in the city of Cairo in Egypt.

-> One of the biggest French luxury brands in the fashion industry organised a show at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza, an iconic site listed as part of world heritage since 1979.

It was a unique opportunity to present a colourful new collection in a setting lit up by a thousand lights. During this timeless fashion show, past and future combined and influenced each other. This parallels Chabé’s positioning, which combines tradition and modernity with attention to every detail in order to provide high-quality services at any time.

This outstanding show welcomed nearly 500 hand-picked guests. For 12 days, Chabé provided 300 vehicles to support the event.

The fashion show rounded off a series of luxury events served by Chabé in 2022, both in France and abroad.

What do these events have in common? The answer is simple: high standards, a personalised experience, both for the customer and the passenger, as well as a constant attention to detail for each transfer request.

Participating in such major events isn’t something that can be improvised. For each project, Chabé builds a dedicated coordination team and makes sure it fits in well with each country and the project’s requirements.

For every event, Chabé is committed to providing a bespoke mobility service, tailor-made to each customer’s requests and close to the ground. To this end, location scouting is carried out, while Chabé  sets up a dedicated project team and trains chauffeurs according to the different features and issues of the project.

On site, the teams recruit, select, train, supervise and coordinate, in complete discretion, to ensure that the transport experience matches the events imagined by our clients.
In addition, a team is dedicated to IT and admin support for the event, available 24/7.

The biggest events require around 250 vehicles which are mobilized to serve the most specific requests, plus the expertise of some 20 people in the back office and on the ground.

It is with great enthusiasm and energy that we invite you to join us in 2023 for new mobility and travel experiences around the world. We want to go further, it’s true, but always with the touch of humility, high standards, commitment, passion and professionalism which are the biggest strengths of the Group and which have made its name for over 100 years.

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