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16 June 2022



Almost two years ago the French luxury chauffeur business Chabé opened an operation in London. It was a bold move, launching a new operation in the middle of a global pandemic, however it was the perfect timing to hire a team of over 20 experienced professionals ready for when the market returned.

The London operation had to differentiate itself from other mobility and ground transportation providers, not least because the brand was relatively unknown in the UK. The longstanding credentials of the business together with its history as a Parisian luxury brand were perfect differentiators to serve the top end of the London market.

David Bruce Chabé Chauffering London


“Bringing the expertise and know-how of Chabé was an important success factor to the Operation in London. The professional reputation and history of this 100-year-old family business, allows us to differentiate ourselves in a very competitive market.
The branding of Chabé is unlike anything in the UK chauffeur market, it is elegant, Parisian and sophisticated and perfectly positions us to serve the top end of the market” emphasises David Bruce, Director of the Chabé London office.



So how to create a Parisian brand image in the London market?

The family business has been in existence for over 100 years and has constantly developed its proposition to advance the customer experience and service.

The Chabé proposition seeks to seamlessly integrate all elements of a luxury client experience with elegance, finesse and discretion and without fanfare.

Our visual image seeks to portray elegance and discretion whilst illustrating its expertise and the customer experience.


With our growth ambitions, we wanted to break away from how ground transportation has been functionally portrayed, moreover embracing codes of luxury and promoting a more subjective, experiential universe” explains Leslie Moica, Sales & Marketing Director.

With these newly commissioned beautiful images, rather than illustrating a functional output, we wanted to embrace the experience of the client who, discovers a city, sees its monuments, feels the sun, the light…in a luxurious environment. These sensory and poetic images promoted in black and white further enhance the elegance of Chabé.”



The Group’s communication team recently visited London to develop new images to reinforce the luxury Parisian offering now serving one of the largest markets in the world.

We hope you enjoy the images taken in London as much as we enjoyed creating them.