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New Mercedes E-Class Hybrid: Chabé commits to a more sustainable fleet

3 April 2024
New Mercedes E-Class Hybrid: Chabé commits to a more sustainable fleet

Chabé has just acquired a new vehicle for its fleet: the Mercedes E-Class. Equipped with a hybrid engine, this prestigious vehicle embodies the very essence of a resolute commitment to an eco-responsible fleet.

The Mercedes E-Class Hybrid combines elegance, comfort and environmental performance. Equipped with a rechargeable hybrid powertrain, this vehicle offers a smooth and silent driving experience, while reducing CO2 emissions. Its design is complemented by luxury features, always with the comfort of our clients in mind, including a panoramic sunroof, heated front and rear seats and a leather interior.




The Mercedes E-Class Hybrid offers an ideal mobility solution for urban journeys, including transfers to and from city stations and airports, thanks to its electric range of over 100 kilometres.


Mercedes Hybride Classe E


To ensure a seamless travel experience, every vehicle in the Chabé fleet is equipped with the latest technology, offering unrivalled comfort and safety. What’s more, our professional chauffeurs, trained to offer impeccable service, ensure that you enjoy your journey with complete peace of mind.


Choosing Chabé and the Mercedes E-Class Hybrid means opting for responsible mobility, without compromising on quality and comfort.


Download the technical file for the Mercedes E-Class Hybrid

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