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Chabé at the national congress of Les Clefs d’Or

14 November 2016
Chabé at the national congress of Les Clefs d’Or

Les Clefs d’Or France
national congress in Deauville

Les Clefs d'Or France - national congress in Deauville

Historic partner of Les Clefs d’Or, Chabé was invited at the French National Congress of the association which took place the first week end of November in Deauville. As every year, this event is the opportunity to meet the professionals of the luxury hotels and talk about the stakes of the sector. Guillaume Connan, Managing Director of Chabé accompanied by Vincent Grenard, Key Account Manager joined the event.

Les Clefs d’Or represent the Hotel Concierges. They are 400 members in France and almost 4000 in the world.


Guillaume Connan, Dominique Guidetti – Chief Concierge Park Hyatt, Christophe Chevalley – Chief Concierge Hotel Warwick

Guillaume Connan, Dominique Guidetti (Chief Concierge Park Hyatt), Christophe Chevalley (Chief Concierge Hotel Warwick)


Guillaume Connan, Mélina Bouchard – Marketing & Communications Director Vacheron Constantin, Jean-Yves di Martino – Director France Vacheron Constantin

Guillaume Connan, Mélina Bouchard (Marketing & Communications Director Vacheron Constantin), Jean-Yves di Martino (Director France Vacheron Constantin)


Chabé, historic partner of Les Clefs d’Or

Since its creation in 1921, Chabé cultivated very strong links with the community of the concierges of palaces and hotels of France. Chabé co-invested since the foundation of the association Les Clefs d’Or, today known all over the world. With the same passion for providing services, Chabé and Les Clefs d’Or keep on working together.