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From chauffeur to Manager of Recruitment and Training: Anthony Dampa’s inspiring rise at Chabé

11 September 2023
From chauffeur to Manager of Recruitment and Training: Anthony Dampa’s inspiring rise at Chabé

Chabé firmly believes in the ability of its employees and values the ambition, determination and talent of each individual. The Group cultivates a culture of opportunity, the chance to grow and develop professional skills.

Today, the family business is proud to share the story of Anthony Dampa, a committed and passionate employee.



After obtaining his HR degree, Anthony Dampa decided to continue his studies in organisational management. At the same time, he joined Chabé in 2017 as a professional chauffeur, working on a series of fixed-term contracts. “I’ve never seen this job as a constraint. I started at the Paris International Air Show, and I immediately developed a real passion for my profession” shares Anthony. This vision and his commitment will enable him to sign his first permanent contract with the family business in 2019.

In 2020, thanks to his studies and his professionalism, Anthony is helping to organise a sporting event that is highly prized both in France and internationally. Asked to help again in 2021, Anthony says: “Thanks to my years as a professional chauffeur, I know what it’s like on the ground. That’s a real plus during interviews, as I can easily get a feel for the candidate based on their profile, presentation and way of expressing themselves, and above all test their knowledge of the city“. This opportunity gives her a new perspective on his future career

From October 2021, Anthony Dampa will be moving on and enthusiastically embarking on his new role as Chauffeur Recruiter and Training. Thanks to his dedication and rigour, in 2023 he was appointed Manager of the same department, responsible for driver monitoring and quality control. To prepare this year’s events as effectively as possible, Anthony has trained and manages a team of 4 people.


Anthony Dampa - Responsable du recrutement et de la formationChauffeur follow-up is essential” explains Anthony. “Initially, we collect applications, organise interviews and test their knowledge of the city. Once the future chauffeurs have been recruited, we put in place an ongoing training programme based on Chabé’s quality standards. Chauffeurs receive detailed information on how to prepare for each journey, with an emphasis on the cleanliness of the vehicle, personal appearance, how to present themselves, etc. Their mission is to guarantee an exceptional customer experience. This includes punctuality, communication of the expected journey time, and attention to passenger comfort… In addition to quality standards, chauffeurs must acquire a deep knowledge of the city’s topography and tourist information. During this training, they also have the opportunity to discover Chabé’s characteristic values and expertise.


As experienced professional chauffeurs, they know how to adapt to every type of clientele. All speak French and English, and many have a command of a third language.

During specific events, I visit the site to ensure that assignments are running smoothly and to exchange advice, always with a view to continuous improvement. I’m proud to work for Chabé, because my professional development goes hand in hand with my desire to help the Group grow.”


Chabé is a fast-growing company on a human scale, encouraging versatility and giving everyone the opportunity to express their talents. Team spirit, essential to the smooth running of operations, is omnipresent, as is customer culture.

If you’re looking for fascinating opportunities and want to work for a family business with expert in the field of mobility, join Chabé!