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Chabé creates a team of experts dedicated to the Roadshow

16 December 2020
Chabé creates a team of experts dedicated to the Roadshow

Since the beginning of December, Daniel Stener has joined the London team as a roadshow expert. This is an opportunity for Chabé to launch the roadshow committee, let’s know much about him and it’s expertise.


Chabé hired you as a roadshow expert, how did you create this expertise?

I have been in the industry for nearly 25 years and began as a chauffeur looking after a range of clients. This experience was essential when I helped create and manage a dedicated team back in 2003.

Over the past 17 years, I have gained experience of roadshows on an international scale, notably in the United States and Hong-Kong.
I have also been able to identify all of the key aspects of Roadshow provision including 24 hour dedicated support, developing bespoke technology solutions, hiring fantastic specialists, chauffeurs and having an international network – these are all items that we have at Chabé and will continue to develop to be at the forefront of the sector.

In your opinion, a company like Chabé should have a department of experts dedicated to roadshows?

Having specialists in this sector is vital as they have to understand the particular needs of the market and the coordinators. They have other things to worry about, and ground transport is an enabler to a Roadshow taking place, not a reason of itself.

Knowing and understanding all aspects of the product is essential, including understanding the specific terminology used by the coordinators and ensuring that the extra levels of checking are completed. Ultimately to be successful, the team must have amazing attention to detail.

Some of Chabé’s Roadshow specialists and chauffeurs in Chabé have more than 20 years of experience in delivering this product.

Consistently applying this expertise and experience in logistics and global travel can make a difference to the success of a deal.

Why did you join Chabé?

It is exciting to join this historic brand with expertise across many sectors, and the expansion into the UK market and significantly increasing our presence in the Roadshow sector represents an exciting opportunity, one I have delivered before and one that I relish now.

The company offers a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a history of impeccable service delivery, with a focused commitment to do so in the future.

Also the ongoing development of a comprehensive, audited and managed network of affiliate partners around the globe, is compelling to our proposition.

Chabé embraces the combination of technology, process and teamwork and really puts our colleagues at the heart of what we do.

The approach to CSR and the ambitions to de-carbonise and to be at the forefront of Zero Emission Capable (ZEC) fleets is also another compelling reason to join.

In view of the appearance of Covid, our habits have had to be changed, and this has consequences on the bespoke transport sector, how do you envisage the next few months?

Covid has brought so much change to the world and ground transport is no different. The Roadshow sector is dependent on international travel and time will tell when, rather than if, International Roadshows return.

Many in the financial services sectors have said that remote working during lockdown periods allows them to look after their existing business, but there will be a need to meet to discuss new business opportunities and new deals when the time is right.

With the recent updates on vaccines and other testing protocols I hope that travel will start again in the not too distant future.

Before Covid, some domestic Roadshow attendees had felt comfortable using public transport, but in a post Covid world perhaps these people will revert to the comfort & convenience and the flexibility of having a Roadshow trained chauffeur available to them.

Finally, as many cities take active travel measures around vehicle usage and legislation around de-carbonising ground transportation, Chabé will continue to need to be proactive in adopting and utilizing Zero Emission Capable (ZEC) vehicles.


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