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Immerse yourself in a decisive page of Western history. More than 70 years after Operation Overlord changed the course of history on June 6, 1944, leading to the liberation of France from the Nazis and the Allied victory in the war. Today you can make a pilgrimage to these famous battlefields.

Your chauffeur will take you on a tour of the site of the Normandy Landings: from the legendary Omaha Beach to the Utah Beach and Sainte-Mère-l’Eglise, explore the poignant setting of “the longest day” at your own pace.

The Normandy coast is a year-round festival of art and culture dotted with historical towns, wonderful beaches, seaside resorts and medieval villages. However choose to enjoy it, your chauffeur can make it happen.

Normandy is one the main horse breeding regions in France, so why not spend a few hours at the Deauville-La Touques Racecourse? If yachting is more your thing, Honfleur’s old dock provides no better site for sailing. You can also experience Honfleur’s artistic heritage; recognized as one of the cradles of Impressionism, including William Turner, Gustave Courbet, Claude Monet, Charles Baudelaire, Erik Satie and more.

What would a trip to France be without visiting its world-famous Champagne country? The neighbouring villages of Reims and Epernay are at the epicentre of Champagne production and compete for the title of Champagne city. Follow the Route Touristique du Champagne circuit, visit the famous estates, tour the vineyards and sample some bubbly in their cellars as the grand finale. Your chauffeur will be happy to store a case or two of your favourite bottles in the boot of the car to take back to Paris.

Each year, millions of bottles mature underground in the former chalk mines, some dating back to Gallo-Roman times. If history is your thing, ask your chauffeur to take you on a tour of Reims’ many Gallo-Roman monuments.

The fairy tale Loire Valley is just two hours from Paris by car. Since 2000, it has been included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites as a living cultural landscape and is ideal for a road trip.

The Loire came to life during the Renaissance, when French Kings and the nobility built extravagant country retreats, designed for their enjoyment and entertaining. The chateaux’s were an extension of court life outside of Paris. Surrounding these magnificent royal castles is an enchanting and fertile landscape of woodlands, vineyards and rivers.

The pioneering impressionist painter Claude Monet moved to Giverny with his family in 1883 at the age of 43. The village of Giverny is located 75 kilometres from Paris and is where he spent the second half of his life. Here he created an exceptional garden that served as the primary inspiration for his art.

An advocate for getting art out of the studio and into nature, Monet painted outdoors, “en plein air,” inspired by his sumptuous garden, which acted as a living tableau. The artist spent three decades creating hundreds of paintings inspired by the water lilies in his Japanese water garden. Today the house and gardens are much as they were a century ago.

One of France’s most symbolic monuments and one of the most beautiful achievements of 17th century French architecture; the Palace of Versailles began as Louis XIII’s hunting lodge before his son Louis XIV transformed and expanded it in the 17th century. He moved the Royal Court and Government of France to Versailles in 1682 and created the palace we know today. It remains a symbol of royal power and an embodiment of classical French Art, and today is a UNESCO World Heritage Listed site.

Visit it in style and travel the 20 kilometres from Paris in all the comfort of a private chauffeur driven vehicle.

Any visit to Paris is not complete without seeing some of the world’s most important artistic masterpieces with your very own eyes.

From Montmartre to Montparnasse, much of the history of Modern Art was written somewhere in Paris, where artists such as Picasso, Matisse or Duchamp invented new ways of seeing and thinking. Over 170 museum houses demonstrate the city’s historic engagement with culture. Painting, architecture, sculpture, music, the decorative arts, fashion: whatever your interests are, your chauffeur can take you there, in comfort and style to the city’s very best sites.

Paris is an inexhaustible source of delight and inspiration. Whatever you want to explore – whether it’s some of the city’s historic monuments, its parks and gardens, the gourmet cuisine, the multitude of cultural treasures, the luxury boutiques, or all that and more – your chauffeur knows how to make it happen in comfort and style. Make Paris your own.

Comfortably seated in the back of your vehicle, discover the Eiffel Tower, the Place de la Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées, the Pont Neuf, the Pont Alexandre III, the Pont des Arts, the Pont Mirabeau, to name only a few of the wonders of the city…

Sink back into your leather seat and get ready to do it in style! Fashion was practically invented in Paris, and any visit is not complete until you have bought a piece of Parisian chic to take home with you.

Whether you’re looking to explore the renowned fashion houses and luxury brands of Paris, or to buy from younger labels and cutting-edge designers that you won’t find back home, your private chauffeur knows where the action is.

Your chauffeur will drop you at the door of the best addresses, then will be waiting with a smile when you emerge, ready to store your bags in the boot and continue the retail whirlwind.