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Chabé Toulouse: Alexandre Queraud, between automotive passion and professional excellence

20 February 2024
Chabé Toulouse: Alexandre Queraud, between automotive passion and professional excellence

Alexandre Queraud, a man of many hats, has forged his professional path with passion and determination. His career path, which began in accounting, led him to explore various opportunities before finding his place at Chabé, where he now excels as Fleet manager with coordination and chauffeur duties.

Alexandre Queraud began his career as an accountant, but his passion for vehicles soon led him to other horizons. After obtaining his BTS in commerce, he joined a company specializing in sports and prestige vehicles as a salesman, and quickly progressed to Sales Manager.

In 2013, Alexandre crossed paths with Chabé in Toulouse, as a chauffeur.

Over the years, and thanks to his previous experience, he has become a key element in the development of the office. Primarily dedicated to event coordination, his contribution extends to the dispatch department, where he is responsible for fleet management and maintenance.

Chauffeur training is also a significant part of his duties, where he shares his expertise and provides sound advice to future Chabé professional chauffeurs.

alexandre-queraud-chabe-toulouseWorking in Toulouse, the cradle of aeronautics, has influenced Alexandre’s career path, for whom this field is more than just an industry: it’s a family affair. He adds: “When I started working, the VTC profession didn’t yet exist. I’ve seen the chauffeur profession evolve over the years, sometimes with a drop in the level of service… However, thanks to companies like Chabé, the high standards and prestige of the profession have remained true to its origins as a Chauffeur de Grande Remise. It’s this distinction that means I still enjoy working for the Group.

Chabé is much more than just a company: first and foremost, it’s one of the best training schools for professional chauffeurs, but it’s also a family business with very strong values.

Chabé has given me the opportunity to experience many memorable moments, such as accompanying our clients to the Cannes Film Festival or the Monaco Grand Prix.

I’m proud to be working in Toulouse, in a company that is constantly growing, visionary and focused on personalized services.



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