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From TLT Limo to Chabé: Ibrahim Khan shares his journey to the heart of luxury in Dubai

19 February 2024
From TLT Limo to Chabé: Ibrahim Khan shares his journey to the heart of luxury in Dubai

In the summer of 2023, we proudly announced the opening of a new office in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, headed by Laurent Euzet, to offer a bespoke, differentiated and responsible chauffeur-driven transport service throughout the country and the Gulf.

We take a look at this new agency in an interview with Ibrahim Khan, Chabé Dubai’s private chauffeur.


chauffeur-dubai-ibrahim-khanWhat led you to join Chabé after working as a taxi driver in Dubai for several years?

I used to work for TLT Limo, which was recently taken over by the Chabé Group. This transition strengthened my conviction to stay with a company that values quality of service and customer satisfaction.


In your experience as a chauffeur, what are the distinctive features of Chabé’s services?

What really sets Chabé apart is its commitment to service quality. We don’t just transport our customers from A to B, we offer a personalised experience. Chabé’s services are designed to meet the high expectations of a discerning clientele in Dubai.


Speaking of clients, how would you describe the relationship with high-end customers, and how does it differ from your previous experience as a taxi driver?

The relationship with high-end customers at Chabé is more intimate. We are there to meet their specific needs and provide an impeccable service. Chabé understands the importance of every detail, and that’s what makes all the difference to my previous taxi experience.


As a chauffeur at Chabé, how do you perceive well-being at work and how does this influence the quality of the service you provide?

Well-being at work is a priority at Chabé, and it shows. The company takes care of its employees, which translates into a positive working environment. A happy chauffeur is a chauffeur who can offer an exceptional service. It’s a virtuous circle that Chabé values.

But well-being at work at Chabé goes beyond personal satisfaction. CSR awareness creates an environment where everyone feels involved in positive actions for society and the environment. Chabé’s environmental commitments, such as eco-driving, waste management and the integration of electric vehicles, reinforce our pride in contributing to a responsible company. This translates directly into the quality of the service we offer, because our customers appreciate supporting committed companies.


For our readers who are considering using our services in Dubai, what would you say to convince them to choose Chabé?

Chabé is much more than a transport service. It’s a high-end experience, bespoke to the unique needs of each client. If you’re looking for quality, attention to detail and absolute comfort, and you want to support a company committed to responsible practices, Chabé is the obvious choice. What’s more, our team is available 24/7 to meet your needs, ensuring constant availability and reliable service.