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28 June 2021


Chabé celebrates its 100th birthday!

2021 is the Centenary for the family business. This is the occasion to make you discover throughout the year the history of Chabé, from its beginnings to nowadays.




Maurice Chabé, a visionary with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, came home from the Great War and decided to serve clients in luxury Parisian hotels during the roaring twenties.
Backed by the experience of his father, who had owned a handful of hansom cabs, Maurice bought his first car in 1921 and drove it himself.
The “Établissements Maurice Chabé” company grew little by little throughout the 20th century and went on to become the Chabé Group.

100 years later, Chabé is now the expert of bespoke journeys, working in a range of different sectors and all over the world at any one time.

100 years later, Chabé is still managed by a member of the founder’s family with the same aim of providing a high-quality service for influential clients.