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28 June 2021




Often in the shadow of the light of large-scale events, the transport function is nonetheless one of keys to their success.

Despite the context, Chabé recently had the pleasure to put its expertise for the benefit to a major sport event held this spring.

Last year, Chabé had already successfully completed this challenge, so the security and hygiene measures were well organized.

This year, the fleet of partner vehicles was composed of 162 almost exclusively hy-brid and electric vehicles, an additional challenge for the technical teams but es-pecially an opportunity for Chabe to affirm its CSR approach.
In addition to the fleet, Chabé has intensified its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the recruitment of teams that participated in the event. More than 10% of chauffeurs recruited were women – a profession traditionally preferred by men – and all generations were represented (from 20 to 77 years old!)

“Maintaining and therefore organizing events during this period was difficult for our customer, however our expertise and unfailing support enabled us to success-fully complete this event while staying true to our values and our social and envi-ronmental comments. We are not afraid of new challenges and are proud to have met them thanks to our teamwork and unfailing motivation” Mathieu Cottenceau, Events project manager

In a few figures:

5 months of organization in order to prepare an exceptional event

27 days of operation, 7/7

291 chauffeurs including 30 women

…chauffeurs aged between 20 and 77 years old

162 event partner vehicles, 48 electric, 112 Hybrid, all installed with plexiglas separation by the Chabé Tea

…A fleet of over 40 charging stations

…nearly 4 000 shifts chauffeurs

…more than 19 500 transfers

…a dedicated team of 15 people

…hundreds of PCR tests for the coordinating team and chauffeurs every 7 days


So, despite a difficult and uncertain context, Chabé has once again taken up the challenge and challenged itself in terms of CSR while offering a bespoke transportation experience in line with the prestige of the event. Its expertise in event transportation is once again confirmed, in particular thanks to teamwork, one of the Group’s main values.