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19 September 2022

From 18 September to 8 October 2022, the European Sustainable Development Week is back, providing an opportunity for the Group to review its latest committed and responsible actions.

It should be remembered that since 2019, Chabé has initiated strong CSR initiatives, important and innovative in the passenger transport sector.

“Ambitiously and proactively moving forward in this direction will give us a significant advantage over our competitors and will set us apart.” explains Guillaume Connan.
“We even hope to create a ripple effect for other companies, particularly our competitors and trade associations, who have not yet adopted this approach. Being a leader in our field means that we can hopefully achieve this, so that our CSR initiative has the greatest possible impact, even beyond Chabé.” underlines the president of Chabé.

The Group’s CSR policy was confirmed with the arrival of Flora Chaise as CSR Manager in September 2021.

The creation of this new post allows Chabé to ensure the development and sustainability of its approach by following its main objective, make CSR an integral part of its daily operations throughout the entire organisation.

To have the greatest possible impact in the shortest time frame, prioritising our actions is essential with three main commitments:

  • Environmental protection
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Being a responsive Employer

These commitments are based on 9 of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) defined by the UN:

CSR ESDW - Chabé electric transport responsible transport



Environmental protection:

As a transport operator, Chabé has a great responsibility in terms of CO2 emissions from its vehicle fleet.
The transport sector represents one third of national Greenhouse Gas emissions in France, so it’s essential to rethinking our mobility and make it one of the major challenges our business faces.

This new sustainable mobility is possible with an activity that is part of the circular economy, but also a transition to low-carbon emission vehicles and eco-driving training for chauffeurs.
While all these measures enable the Group to reduce our overall environmental impact, our business continues to emit GHGs and therefore, pollute., which is why, since 2020, Chabé has been contributing to carbon neutrality, in particular through its partnership with the Goodplanet Foundation.

In 2021, for the first time, Chabé conducted a complete carbon footprint assessment of its operations for 2020 and 2021. The aim of this exercise was to better understand the consequences of our business and to define an action plan to prioritise the areas that have the greatest impact. This has also allowed monitoring the progress of actions and the results over time.

The carbon footprint is the first step in establishing an environmental management system. The Groupe now monitor its water, energy and waste consumption and its annual greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to these actions, Chabé has put in place measures for more responsible purchases and digital technology.

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The customer satisfaction:

In April 2021, the Marketing Division introduced a satisfaction questionnaire sent to customers after they had received a bespoke service.
The aim of the questionnaire was to measure the satisfaction of our customers and passengers,

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE customer satisfaction


Chabé, responsible employer:

Chabé’s quality of service and success relies on its employees, which is why our role as a responsible employer is an essential part of our CSR policy. The HR Charter outlines our policy, based on six core values: Integrity, respect, fairness, employability, trust, and health & safety.

Sustainable employment, health & safety, training and diversity and inclusion are among the main focuses of the Group’s Human Resources policy.

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