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29 September 2022

For three weeks, Chabé is participating in the global event, the European Week for Sustainable Development, which aims to raise awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. The aim is to organise concrete actions related to these goals for all and for the good of all.


The theme of the 2022 edition of the international event is “Acting Everyday“, a theme that makes sense for Chabé and corresponds to its CSR approach.

“As we strive to operate an environmentally-friendly and ethical business, CSR is a significant part of Chabé’s business strategy.” explains Guillaume Connan, President of the Group. “To succeed, whether for major projects or our everyday activities, CSR needs to be thoroughly integrated into our operations and involve all our stakeholders, starting with Chabé’s employees.” add Guillaume Connan.

Our commitment goes beyond operating low and soon zero emission vehicles. It includes changing the way we operate and adopting best practices to reduce our overall footprint.
It also is about treating employees well, with sustainable and fairly paid jobs and ensuring clients’ safety and overall satisfaction.




Throughout the year, Chabé involves its employees in awareness-raising activities on various subjects such as global warming, carbon footprint, recycling, etc. In addition, the Group organises various workshops on well-being at work with external speakers.

During the SEDD event, Chabé is mobilising its employees for sustainable development by offering them a challenge every three days for three weeks.
Through this action, the Group wishes to raise awareness of the importance of the environment and of acting for the planet.
The communications sent out include a variety of challenges that are perfectly feasible and correspond to a theme of the objectives related to sustainable development, for example

  • Prefer the use of a gourd or cup rather than cups,
  • Limit printing,
  • Avoid food waste,
  • Use reusable tableware for eating,
  • Avoid digital pollution, etc.

All of these communications are accompanied by advice on how to work better within the company and anecdotes with hard-hitting figures that allow us to take into consideration what is happening in our society today.

It is important to take action on a daily basis for the good of the planet and this is exactly what Chabé wanted to convey by setting up small challenges, which will be implemented in the medium/long term in a sustainable manner.

All this confirms Chabé’s position as a responsible employer.

For more information, please read the CSR report