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Chabé’s commitment represented by a purpose

5 October 2022
Chabé’s commitment represented by a purpose

The European Week for Sustainable Development, enabled Chabé to strengthen its awareness-raising actions among its employees on sustainable development but also on the Group’s responsible commitments.

In fact, since 2019, Chabé has taken a voluntary approach to CSR and continues to implement committed and responsible actions. CSR has become a pillar of Chabé’s strategy, which aims to be a committed and responsible player.
This commitment is now represented by a raison d’être:


“To be a key but invisible player in a desirable mobility,
committed to an inclusive society and a sustainable world”


This raison d’être allows the Group to inscribe in the company’s purpose a long-term commitment to a responsible future. And to guarantee the continuity of this approach, the raison d’être is included in the preamble to the company’s articles of association.

It refers to the way in which Chabé intends to play a role in society beyond its sole economic activity. It also defines a line of conduct for the most important decisions, in order to give concrete expression to the interests of the Group, of society and of social and environmental considerations.

This raison d’être has been developed with Chabé’s employees and shareholders in order to share the Group’s vision and role in our society.
It is also inspired by all past and present brand elements, as well as Chabé’s CSR approach.