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How to launch a chauffeur business in the middle of a pandemic

30 July 2021
How to launch a chauffeur business in the middle of a pandemic

Launching a new London chauffeur business at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic was perhaps not the obvious thing to do. But that’s what French-owned Chabé did in late 2020.

Photo by: Professional Driver Magazine

Discover the interview of David Bruce, the UK Director and Daniel Stener, UK Operations Director about the launching of this new office in London during the pandemic with the Professional Driver Magazine

“On one hand, the timing couldn’t be worse, but it has allowed us to put systems, marketing and a fleet in place. You can’t do that so easily if you’re trading at 100mph. So we’re ready for when the market returns. ” says David Bruce.

The UK CEO, explains about Global Chauffeur who join forces with Chabé London and the combined business.

“We have had a strong reception in London since launching last year and joining with Global Chauffeur really accelerates the plan by bringing new relationships and operational experience to the business.”

So Chabé London underlines its ambition to serve the five star hotel market in London by joining forces with Global Chauffeur, and with a new partnership with AA Hotel and Hospitality Services. 

Daniel Stener, ends the interview with detailed information on CSR, particularly in terms of the vehicle and the agency’s future.


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