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Chabé’s professional chauffeurs, in the shadow of light

3 October 2023
Chabé’s professional chauffeurs, in the shadow of light

Over several generations, the Group has developed unrivalled expertise in the chauffeur-driven transport industry. An expert in bespoke transport, Chabé is Europe’s leading employer of chauffeurs, with more than 350 year-round employees.

The company’s true ambassadors

Carefully selected and trained to offer a first-class service, our chauffeurs’ professionalism, discretion and in-depth knowledge of the routes guarantee smooth, stress-free journeys.

At Chabé, we are proud of our team of highly qualified chauffeurs. Their commitment to excellence and their constant desire to surpass themselves are the pillars of our reputation. When you choose Chabé, you’re opting for expertise that goes beyond simple driving skills, offering an unrivalled travel experience.



As experienced chauffeurs with an in-depth knowledge of luxury service standards, all speak English and French, and many are proficient in a third language. In addition, some have acquired specific expertise, particularly in accompanying customers to prestigious hotels, as guides or roadshow specialists.

Professional chauffeurs

The expertise of Chabé’s chauffeurs goes hand in hand with their people skills. These skills are equally important to the company. Chauffeurs by vocation, they are committed to providing the best possible experience on every journey.

To ensure that our chauffeurs are optimally prepared and to guarantee a quality of service that lives up to our clients’ expectations, all of them receive training as soon as they arrive. This training encompasses the history of the family business, its values, its know-how – all the factors that have made Chabé the Group it is today.

Chabé is always on the lookout for new chauffeurs to match its expertise for sports events.

Anthony Dampa - Responsable du recrutement et de la formationAnthony Dampa, Head of Recruitment and Training for Chabé chauffeurs, explains: “Initially, we collect applications, organise interviews and test their knowledge of the city. Once the future chauffeurs have been recruited, we put in place an ongoing training programme based on Chabé’s quality standards. Chauffeurs receive detailed information on how to prepare for each journey, with an emphasis on the cleanliness of the vehicle, personal appearance, how to present themselves, etc. Their mission is to guarantee an exceptional passenger experience. This includes punctuality, communication of the expected journey time, and attention to passenger comfort.”


The training of our chauffeurs and their well-being are essential to ensuring a quality service. This last point is fundamental to Chabé. That’s the reason why the family business has a Responsible Employer policy.

Chabé, a Responsible Employer

At Chabé, we always give priority to permanent contracts for all full-time chauffeurs: 86% of our employees have permanent contracts. Chauffeurs are paid fairly and well above the legal minimum in every city where we operate.

Our Diversity and Inclusion policy demonstrates our commitment to welcoming and promoting all talents to enable them to flourish within the Group. In a predominantly male sector, Chabé is stepping up its efforts to recruit talented women who are passionate about their work.
This charter aims to enrich the company’s diversity and provide an inclusive working environment for all.

By offering everyone a rewarding professional environment, we are contributing to positive change in our industry.

Transportation with private chauffeur Chantale Moreau

Chabé’s professional chauffeurs play an essential role in the Group’s reputation. Their dedication to excellence and their ability to deliver unrivalled transport experiences are the foundation of Chabé’s prestigious reputation.