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Chabé, the bespoke solution for your sporting events

3 October 2023
Chabé, the bespoke solution for your sporting events

Since its creation by Maurice Chabé in 1921, the Group has demonstrated excellence and prestige in many areas of bespoke mobility, particularly in the events sector.

One of our values is rooted in the DNA of the family business and perfectly embodies the investment and dedication of our teams: At Chabé, we like a challenge. We love unusual projects and contexts. Over the years, we’ve learned to do things we’ve never done before. Chabé’s expertise is unquestionable. To meet our clients’ needs as effectively as possible, the family business has developed a real culture of sports events.

As the finals of the Rugby World Cup 2023 in Paris and the Olympic Games 2024 approach, Chabé is preparing to play a key role in the logistics of these global events. Find out how Chabé’s expertise continues to evolve to meet the needs of major sporting events, with a focus on sustainability and exceptional customer experience.

The Group’s expertise in sports events

Ever since the Football World Cup in 1998, Chabé has been making its expertise in event transport available to the biggest sports federations. Football, rugby, golf, racquet sports… whatever the scale or logistical difficulty of the event, Chabé does its utmost to rise to the challenge.

Every year, our events teams redouble their efforts to ensure that clients are transported. The upstream work requires several months of preparation, which enables us to be highly efficient every year.

Mélanie Vachon Quillier Chabé transport événementiel de luxeMélanie Quillier, Events Director at Chabé explains: “Organising an event often requires several months of preparation.
It starts with studying the specifications and understanding the expectations and challenges of each event, so that we can advise the client and offer them a bespoke organisation and timetable.
We then organise and take part in a large number of meetings, such as site scouting, kick-off meetings with the client and the various parties involved, training and briefings for our teams, etc. Planning the project, defining human and material requirements, selecting suitable profiles, monitoring the budget(s), etc. Our know-how, acquired over many years, means that Chabé is now the expert in getting you around on the day(s) of the event.”


However, these events would not be possible without our ambassadors, the Chabé private chauffeurs.
Initiated into the codes of luxury, they all receive training as soon as they join the Group. Over a two-week period, Chabé chauffeurs take part in a training programme that includes English and history classes, as well as a module focusing on emotional development. In addition, they are made aware of the correct behaviour to adopt and have to pass two driving tests in the company of customers.

Formation événementielle Chabé transport avec chauffeur privé transport sport événement sport Then there’s the event training, adapted to each event. Before the event, the chauffeurs receive detailed information about the event, the dress code, where to park and drop off passengers, how to introduce themselves, etc. “Their mission is to guarantee an exceptional customer experience. This includes punctuality, communicating the expected journey time, and paying attention to passenger comfort…” explains Anthony Dampa, Head of Chauffeur Recruitment and Training.

Thanks to our rigorous training, we maintain a prestigious quality of service, which has earned us the trust of many well-known sports clients.


The trusted partner for sporting events

Chabé has established itself as a trusted partner for sporting events. Over the years, the family business has built up a wealth of references, including the 2018 League Cup Final in Bordeaux, the 2019 Women’s World Cup, the Women’s Alpine Skiing World Cup in the Alps, the Ryder Cup and many others.

What’s more, the family business is proud to be able to meet the ecological needs of certain sporting events. The last tournaments in 2023 confirmed the Group’s environmental commitment. We observed a 15% increase in the number of low-carbon vehicles for the same event compared with the previous year, 2022.

At these sporting events, our expertise encompasses a multitude of services. To meet the needs of all our clients, Chabé offers, in addition to the event transport service, a transfer service to and from stations and airports for the arrival and departure of sports players, VIPs, the organising team, etc.

In addition to this expertise in managing the travel of players, staff and others, the family business also offers a punctual transport service for individuals wishing to travel to the event venue, as well as for all travel before and after the event.

An events service that goes beyond borders

Chabé’s expertise in the field of sports events has therefore developed well both in France and internationally, and we continue to establish ourselves as a leading international player in event transport.
The strategic location of our various agencies and our network of international partners means we can support you throughout your event, wherever it takes place.

For each sporting event, a project team made up of a project manager, experienced planners, dispatchers and coordinators deploys its expertise to manage the transport of events that are often out of the ordinary, involving up to 300 chauffeurs.

A team of experts is dedicated to managing the transport of events upstream of the event for each client in France and abroad.
After analysing requirements, a site survey is organised to propose the best route between passenger departures and arrivals.

On site, the teams recruit, select, train, supervise and coordinate, with the utmost discretion, to ensure that the transport experience matches the events imagined by its customers.

In addition, a team is dedicated to IT and admin support for the event, available 24/7.
Whether it’s an event with just a few cars or a large-scale event, everything is thought out and put in place to ensure that transport fits in as naturally as possible with what has preceded it or what will follow.