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Chabé: Patricia Requier’s bold career move

10 November 2023
Chabé: Patricia Requier’s bold career move

Chabé’s confidence rests on its employees, because we firmly believe that determination in their profession emerges from the opportunities we offer them.

Today, the family business is proud to share the story of Patricia Requier, a committed and passionate employee.


During her years at lycée, Patricia accumulated a number of summer jobs, working in sometimes demanding conditions, whether in catering, on the marshes or during the grape harvest. These early experiences instilled in her valuable skills and invaluable perseverance.

Patricia decided to leave her native Normandy to explore new opportunities in Paris. At the age of 21, she found a job as a waitress in a brasserie, a position she would hold for the next 20 years.

In February 2022, Patricia made a bold decision to change careers. She polished up her CV and started sending out job applications. At that point, Chabé caught her eye and a job offer in the technical department caught her attention. Patricia tried her luck, passed the interview and finally got the job of Technical Assistant.

Working at Chabé has given her the opportunity to discover a new world, that of luxury transport. Today, Patricia is involved in a variety of tasks, including managing drivers’ requests. Whether it’s resolving a problem with a vehicle or responding to drivers’ requests, Patricia is the guarantor of the Group’s prestigious image. She is also responsible for the return and collection of rental vehicles and those in the Chabé fleet.


patricia-requier-evolution-professionnellePatricia explains: “In my job, you have to be able to react quickly. We’ve already had situations where chauffeurs have informed us of a technical problem in the middle of a journey. We have to react immediately so that the fault doesn’t disrupt the journey and, by the same token, the experience of our clients. We go straight to the chauffeur with an identical vehicle and exchange it. These are details that are invisible to our customers, but which nevertheless enable us at Chabé to offer a quality of service that is as prestigious as ever.

I see this career change as an opportunity that arose at a decisive moment in my life. Joining Chabé has given me a new vision of the world of work. I’m enthusiastic and smile when I get up in the morning. Over the months, I’ve proved my worth and my skills, and my colleagues now have complete confidence in me.

Being a woman in this predominantly male sector is an asset, a plus for our team. I bring a special kind of wisdom and attentiveness to our discussions with chauffeurs, which proves to be a significant advantage during busy periods.”



A family business since 1921, Chabé gives everyone the chance to express their talents.

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