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Chabé honoured in the Journal de l’Automobile

30 October 2023
Chabé honoured in the Journal de l’Automobile

In the constantly evolving bespoke transport sector, Chabé stands out for its commitment to strengthening its presence throughout France. Over the decades, the Group has forged a reputation for excellence and luxury expertise.

Recently, the Journal des Flottes published an article highlighting our ability to reinvent ourselves in the face of major challenges, while our participation in the Journal de l’Automobile programme was an opportunity to share our expertise with a wider audience.

Let’s take a look back at these 2 news.



The Journal des Flottes

The article dedicated to Chabé highlights our ability to reinvent ourselves, even after 100 years in business.

Indeed, the arrival of VTC platforms was the first major challenge facing our family business. Guillaume Connan, President of the Group, explains, “They offered a Mercedes, with a chauffeur in a suit who arrived with bottles of water and sweets in the back. This undermined our added value.

Faced with this situation, the family business decided to reinvent itself by turning to luxury. “This choice allowed us to stand out from the crowd, because the others were going in the opposite direction,” says Guillaume Connan.

Today, the Group is still pursuing its quest for innovation. In an interview in 2022, Guillaume Connan pointed out that more and more clients are expressing a preference for environmentally-friendly modes of transport. Fabiola Monteverde, Group Fleet Manager, is committed to maintaining the excellence of our vehicles while promoting the development of our low-carbon fleet.



Le Journal de l’Automobile

As part of this continuous improvement approach, Chabé had the opportunity to highlight its expertise in the field of telematics. The world of telematics is constantly changing, and is becoming an essential tool for the Group.

During her appearance on the Journal de l’Automobile programme, Fabiola Monteverde shared our French expertise and highlighted the key role played by technology in improving our luxury service.

Telematics has evolved considerably, becoming more accessible, comprehensive and accurate. Thanks to the telematics box fitted to our vehicles, Chabé is able to collect a wide range of data, including mileage, fuel consumption, route optimisation and chauffeur behaviour analysis.

Fabiola Monteverde emphasises the crucial importance of this data: “For example, it allows us to monitor any traffic problems in real time, enabling our operational teams to react quickly and propose solutions on the ground”.

By collecting this valuable data, Chabé continues to innovate in order to offer an exceptional service, while remaining attentive to the needs of our customers, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.


Thanks to these various decisions, Chabé in 2023 will have :