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Private chauffeur for your roadshows: discover Chabé’s bespoke expertise

10 January 2024
Private chauffeur for your roadshows: discover Chabé’s bespoke expertise

Being an expert in bespoke mobility is more than just a name. The customisation of our offer, listening to your most demanding needs, is what makes Chabé the family business it is today.

Faced with the growth of the financial and banking sector, Chabé offers a roadshow service, giving senior executives the opportunity to meet potential and existing investors. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector, we can offer you a flexible and adaptable service, adapted to each specific request. With the internationalisation of financial roadshows, travelling can be a source of anxiety. That’s why Chabé has also adapted its service beyond France’s borders.



Chabé expertise

With our own resources in France, the UK, Switzerland, Monaco and the United Arab Emirates, we extend our expertise through a global network of trusted partners, carefully audited to maintain the same level of excellence as Chabé. Our international presence is a strength, enabling us to serve you wherever you are in the world, whenever you need us.

Our ambassadors – our professional chauffeurs – are also key to maintaining our luxury service. Experienced and familiar with the codes of luxury, they are all committed to absolute discretion. Our chauffeurs are trained to ensure strict driving standards and work closely with safety professionals to guarantee your well-being at all times.


But what exactly does Chabé provide?


The benefits of our roadshow service

We understand the importance of every roadshow. Whether it’s a deal roadshow, corporate brokerage & non deal roadshows (ndrs) or an analyst activity, our commitment translates into transparent and discreet logistical management, making it easier for companies to get in touch with financial players.


Using a professional chauffeur for a roadshow brings you a number of advantages:

  • Having someone drive you between two meetings, without having to worry about parking
  • Save time thanks to our chauffeurs’ punctuality
  • Being attentive to your needs. A team of specialists and experienced roadshow chauffeurs will help you with your request.
  • Travel the world thanks to our network of partners
  • Choose a car from a range of luxury vehicles, some of which are low-carbon
  • Choose a bespoke transport experience in comfort and peace of mind


Chabé embodies bespoke expertise. Our commitment to personalising each service, meeting the most demanding requirements and supporting you internationally means that the Group can offer you an exceptional service.


Put your trust in Chabé.
We take every roadshow to heart, committing ourselves to transparent and discreet logistics management to facilitate your interactions with financial players.


For more information, contact Jérôme Vernagallo, Sales Manager at Chabé, by e-mail at jerome.vernagallo@chabe.fr or contact us directly via our website.